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Main responsibilities:

  • Contact, arrange schedules with subcontractors & construction workers according to the project plan and PM’s guidance;
  • Conduct relevant procedures with the building management department to ensure the administrative compliance and safety of the building;
  • Implement and supervise the construction of the site through cleaning workers and subcontractors to ensure the hygiene, orderliness, and maintenance of building products and construction items;
  • Supervise construction specifications of subcontractors to ensure compliance with construction standards of the company;
  • Supervise and check the quality of products and sections in accordance with the company’s construction standards;
  • Examine the current state of the project when necessary, report the quality and progress to PM according to regulations, make a record of arising requests and incidents at the project.

Knowledge requirements:

  • Graduate college or above in Construction or related;
  • At least 03 years of experience in a similar position (used to be a Supervisor of Interior works is an advantage);
  • Have a knowledge of construction industries: drawings, construction, progress, troubleshooting…
  • Understand technical drawings;
  • Have a certificate in Construction Supervision.

Job responsibilities/Main responsibilities:

  • Understand requirements and the banking regulations for the project construction industry. Thereby, build financial options for each project. 
  • Calculate the effective loan ways for business, maximize efficiency of a property value.
  • Implement disbursement documents, guarantees, international payment services such as TTR, LC, collection … including exchange rate deals, interest rates, fees. 
  • Control of the progress, require acceptance document, understand the project cash flow to plan the mortgage loan according to the project.  
  • Make an overall plan of finance from disbursement based on revenue & expenditure proposals of DBPlus. 
  • Seek funding sources that are appropriate for business development strategies of DBPlus. 
  • Provide financial records and work directly with banks and parties (if any). 
  • Collaborate with the project team to monitor implementation progress. 
  • Monitor & control loans, collateral, interest due. 
  • Perform a comparison between a report and an actual plan, report periodically assigned by superiors.

Soft skills/Requirements/ Soft skills requirements:

  • Be flexible, proactive, predict situations and make risk contingency plans.
  • Ability to negotiate, interact and coordinate.
  • Ability to manage the job.

Main responsibilities:

  • Set stage of interior projects;
  • Make detailed schedules, implement construction according to the plan to ensure progress as committed;
  • Have responsibility for technical issues, quality, volume, labor safety and environmental sanitation on the site;
  • Work with owner, contractor on engineering, construction method and quality;
  • Check and confirm the volume and quality of the work as a basis for payment for the construction teams, take over each work, phase, take over the sections and take over the handover of the completed construction;
  • Organize and manage daily construction work at the construction site.

Knowledge requirements:

  • Bachelor degree in construction, architecture or related major;
  • Good communication skill, presentation skills, negotiation;
  • At least 03 years of experience in making furniture fail;
  • Priority for candidates who have had experience in conducting interior projects (Office, Hospitality…).


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