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The current focus of businesses is on enhancing employee satisfaction and productivity through modern office trends. DBPlus proactively embraces the trends of future workplaces, harnessing the potential of workspace design through innovation and creativity, as exemplified in our concept of “Beyond The Office”.

Current office demand

Across the globe, the trend of flexible office interior transformations is increasingly gaining momentum. Traditional office spaces, with their fixed layouts and limited flexibility in spatial arrangements such as desks, chairs, filing cabinets, are gradually becoming incompatible with the needs of modern employees. Instead, a new trend is emerging, known as flexible offices, where workspaces are intelligently and flexibly designed, incorporating a diverse mix of desks, chairs, and well-arranged small work areas within a shared space. This facilitates a better working experience for employees while enhancing productivity and comfort in their tasks.

According to a survey conducted by Deloitte, the flexibility of the work environment can lead to a significant increase of up to 29% in productivity and overall work efficiency. Supporting personal preferences and work styles can improve employee engagement, motivation, and work performance. Research by UKG also indicates that 74% of employees report working more effectively when they feel listened to and cared for. With a focus on people and the work environment, organizations need to continuously assess and optimize office spaces to meet the essential needs of employees in the future.

Beyond The Office in Office Design

The current focus of businesses on enhancing employee satisfaction and productivity through modern office trends is a paramount concern. To effectively drive this forward, improvements in office space and restructuring are essential. DBPlus has undertaken and continues to champion this mission. We proactively embrace the trends of the future workplace, unlocking the potential of workspace design through innovation and creativity, as embodied in our concept of “Beyond The Office”.

According to DBPLUS, “Beyond The Office” represents a fresh and groundbreaking approach to office design, transcending the confines of traditional workplaces to embrace a diverse, flexible environment that brings added value to both employees and businesses. The philosophy of Beyond The Office prioritizes connectivity, collaboration, and creativity, creating a workspace that caters to various activities such as individual work, team collaboration, meetings, relaxation, and informal conversations. This philosophy also emphasizes and focuses on optimizing the employee experience.

The APACHE office project was designed and constructed by DBPLUS

This philosophy is not just a concept; it’s a commitment to reshaping the very fabric of the modern workspace. By implementing Beyond The Office principles, DBPlus strives to create environments that inspire innovation, foster teamwork, and promote well-being among employees. Approach goes beyond mere aesthetics or functional arrangements.

A “Beyond The Office” workspace will be defined by four core characteristics, related to office interior design integrating definitions that support employees while working. However, to truly understand the impact of these features, we need to delve deeper into how each one interacts and influences in creating an engaging and effective work environment.

Human – Centric Approach

A human-centric office design prioritizes creating multifunctional spaces to cater to diverse needs. It encompasses designing blocks or furnishing combos suited for individual work, small teams, hybrid meeting rooms, relaxation areas, creative spaces, and more. Additionally, it integrates large spaces outside the workspace, such as recreational areas, sports facilities, cafes, and libraries. This ensures that employees’ varied needs are met, encourages communication and connection, and fosters a close-knit employee community.

The APACHE office project was designed and constructed by DBPLUS

DBPlus’ Apache office effectively implements this principle. Floors 1, 2, and 3 are equipped with various furnishings tailored to different workspaces. These include small and large meeting rooms, sample rooms, team collaboration areas, individual workspaces, phone booths, and more, catering to employees’ diverse needs. Meanwhile, floors 4 and 5 of Apache house a tennis court, a rock climbing area, badminton courts, and a conference center for employee relaxation or events. This creates a comfortable environment, promotes work-life balance, and enhances the overall employee experience.


The APACHE office project was designed and constructed by DBPLUS

A human-centric office is not just a trend but a strategic investment. Businesses that invest in their people attract top talent, boost productivity, foster creativity and innovation, and build a reputable brand image. Designing a human-centric office is an ongoing journey that requires creativity, innovation, and commitment from the company.

 Activity – Based Working

An activity – based working office places a premium on flexibility. Its hallmark lies in assembling and furnishing the workspace with tools and methods that enable employees to work flexibly, efficiently, and purposefully. This approach embodies an office paradigm activated through adaptable layouts and easy modifications. 

Leveraging intelligent furnishings, flexible partitions, versatile storage shelves, and hot desking facilitates space adjustments according to usage needs. Integrating modular furniture principles ensures ergonomic postures, delineating multiple zones to offer diverse working options, thereby supporting a variety of work activities.

The GREENFEED office project was designed and constructed by DBPLUS

An effective Agile Office seamlessly blends communal and private spaces, striking a balance between collaborative and focused work needs. Its furnishings are easily rearranged, coordinated, and modified to swiftly adapt to changing layouts, meeting emerging needs and aligning with Agile methodologies. Focusing on flexibility, it equips workspaces with furniture that allows employees to work smart, efficiently and with purpose.

Technology Integration

Beyond The Office is not just an ordinary office; it’s the epitome of a smart office, where cutting-edge technology is seamlessly integrated to optimize workflows, enhance operational efficiency, and foster a modern, connected work environment. Instead of monotonous light switches, Beyond The Office is infused with intelligent devices, transforming the workspace into a “living organism” that responds intuitively to human needs.

The KBTG office project was designed and constructed by DBPLUS

Smart meeting rooms equipped with interactive touchscreens, crystal-clear audio systems, and high-definition video conferencing connect team members regardless of their location. Intelligent lighting systems automatically adjust brightness based on temperature and time of day, creating an ideal work ambiance. Ergonomic workstations with integrated wireless charging offer both convenience and health benefits. These meticulously crafted details are all aimed at providing employees with the utmost comfort and an optimized work experience.

Biophilic Design

Beyond The Office embraces sustainability not only through its choice of natural materials and furnishings but also by fostering a harmonious connection with nature within the workspace. The office design prioritizes employee comfort by optimizing natural light and ventilation. This approach not only conserves energy but also creates a bright and refreshing work environment. Additionally, the integration of greenery into the office space not only enhances air quality but also cultivates a serene and relaxing atmosphere for employees.

The KEM NGHIA office project was designed and constructed by DBPLUS

Beyond The Office further exemplifies its commitment to eco-consciousness by utilizing energy-efficient appliances and employing effective insulation measures. These efforts minimize energy consumption while ensuring a consistently cool and comfortable work environment for employees. Ultimately, these design considerations not only contribute to environmental protection but also foster a positive and sustainable work environment that benefits both employees and the surrounding community.

The KEM NGHIA office project was designed and constructed by DBPLUS

DBPlus is not just a mere designer and executor of smart offices. We are pioneers in creating Beyond The Office, where technology, humanity, and environment blend to form a modern, connected, and inspiring workspace. With strategic vision and profound understanding of smart office trends, DBPlus is committed to repositioning and implementing Beyond The Office solutions into current projects, elevating traditional office spaces for businesses and asserting brand positioning.