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Tapping into the growing popularity of industrial park office design, and with a commitment to innovation and future-oriented thinking. DBPLUS excels in creating integrated centers, including offices specifically designed for large-scale industrial parks.

A quick overview of the office furniture market in 2024.

The furniture market in Vietnam is witnessing significant growth, reflecting the potential for growth in this industry. According to a report by Mordor Intelligence, the furniture market is expected to increase from $1.4 billion in 2023 to $1.82 billion in 2028, with an annual growth rate of 5.33% from 2023 to 2028. This is a positive sign for Vietnam’s young furniture market and its potential. 

Furthermore, the furniture market in Vietnam is attracting strong interest and investment from foreign investors. By September 2023, total foreign direct investment (FDI) in Vietnam had surpassed $20 billion, nearly 8% higher than the same period last year, with total disbursed capital reaching $16 billion, the highest level in 5 years. This demonstrates the confidence of foreign investors in the development potential of the Vietnamese furniture market, especially the trend of creating integrated centers, including industrial park offices, which are becoming increasingly popular and promising.

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What are Industrial Park Offices?

Industrial park offices are workspaces located within industrial areas, often near manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and distribution centers. They serve as administrative and operational centers for companies operating within industrial parks, providing a central location for management, coordination, and collaboration. 

Building offices within industrial parks aims to promote closer collaboration between departments, streamline communication and decision-making processes, provide direct oversight of production activities, and facilitate easy interaction among employees, thereby fostering teamwork and shared goals. Industrial park offices are becoming a strategic choice for foreign investors to optimize operations, enhance employee engagement, and achieve sustainable growth in a dynamic industrial environment.

In the realm of Industrial Parks (IPs), two predominant office design trends are being observed. One is the Manufacturing Office, focusing on streamlining processes and operational efficiency while emphasizing utility and flexibility for the production area. The other direction is the Research & Development (R&D) Office, which fosters creativity and collaboration, creating an inspiring workspace with modern and welcoming designs. With an in-depth understanding of the diverse needs of businesses, DBPLUS provides flexible and practical solutions tailored to the specific requirements and investment levels of each client. In doing so, DBPLUS enables businesses to maximize the potential of IPs and thrive in a competitive environment.

giá tôn cách nhiệt 2023

Pioneering Industrial Park Office Design – APACHE Project Completion

Testimonials and notable projects continue to prove DBPLUS’s successful collaboration with FDI-backed enterprises, consolidating its reputation as a reliable and competent partner. In 2023, for the first time, DBPLUS pioneered the trend of designing industrial park office spaces with the APACHE FOOTWEAR VIETNAM office project in Long Giang Industrial Park, Tien Giang Province. With a total investment of over $55 million, DBPLUS took on the pioneering responsibility for the large-scale office project of APACHE in this industrial park.

Mr. Li Sheng Change – Operation Manager of APACHE FOOTWEAR VIETNAM shared: “Not only creating a simple working environment, DBPLUS has contributed to create a comprehensive ecosystem at APACHE. This is a major transformation that will have a significant impact on optimizing employee happiness, mental health, satisfaction and performance. The construction and design process also plays an important role in shaping the space and experience of this project. In this aspect, DB PLUS has implemented correctly – fully – completely the commitments and agreements on the progress. APACHE appreciates DBPLUS willing to make adjustments during the construction process to match ADIDAS ‘ s technical and sustainable development standards.”


The APACHE project is invested and developed by APACHE VIETNAM FOOTWEAR Co., Ltd. in Long Giang Industrial Park, Tien Giang Province. DBPLUS is the design and interior construction partner for the office area of APACHE employees, one of DBPLUS’s key projects in 2023, which was completed and handed over in April 2024. 

With a development history spanning over 20 years, APACHE proudly serves as a sports product provider for the global brand Adidas. Understanding the warrior spirit and brand heritage, DBPLUS has crafted the main office for APACHE in Vietnam with the message “The Place Where Legends Reborn”. The office area spans 5 floors covering 13,000 square meters within the APACHE industrial park, and the project also includes a dormitory area for experts and senior management of APACHE, as well as an additional project to design an expanded office area for APACHE, expected to be completed in June 2024. Understanding the nature of an industrial park, the project’s goal is to create a comfortable and convenient living space to enhance the quality of the working environment and attract talent.

” Apache’s office open space with a combination between interior designs and natural light “

“Seats are placed in every corner of the office – prioritize workflow agility”.

Despite being an office within an industrial park, the APACHE office is not rigid and dull. With the DBPLUS ‘s orientation of ‘BEYOND THE OFFICE – WE BUILD A BETTER LIFE, DBPLUS designs an inspiring workspace with various amenities, entertainment, sports facilities, and open, flexible spaces, as well as special, creative, and impressive interior designs. DBPLUS has designed furniture based on sustainable principles, integrating functionality and supporting user health, with modular installation for convenient maintenance and adjustment according to needs, thereby facilitating a strong work ethic and fostering energy to achieve new accomplishments.

With a pioneering spirit in the trend of integrating offices within industrial parks following “BEYOND THE OFFICE”, DBPlus will continuously affirm its commitment to innovation and improvement to meet every market demand, customer expectation, and quality standard – schedule to create a better working environment, better quality of life, and a more sustainable company.