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LEED certification in offices contributing to a 25% reduction in energy consumption, 34% in CO2 emissions, and 11% in water usage, according to USGBC. DBPlus is proud to apply LEED-standard designs for our partners.

LEED: Certification for Sustainability

In the face of climate change and the growing demand for environmental protection, businesses are increasingly turning to the construction and operation of sustainable and environmentally friendly buildings. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification serves as a leading standard for evaluating green design and construction effectiveness, providing a multitude of benefits for businesses, employees.

LEED - Green Building Alliance

LEED, developed by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). LEED certification encompasses various levels, ranging from Certified (Level 1) to Platinum (Level 4), based on points achieved in evaluation categories such as sustainable design, resource efficiency, indoor environmental quality, innovation, and creativity.

Adhering to the guidelines to achieve this certification not only brings the honor of being recognized as an environmentally conscious company but also for the social benefit of the future.

Eco-Innovation: How LEED Certification Sparks Business Evolution

LEED certification offers a multitude of benefits for businesses, employees, and the environment as a whole. Today, building sustainable environments is not just a good thing, it’s a necessity.

Sustainable Environment

LEED-certified office are designed to minimize environmental impact. By incorporating energy-efficient systems, water-saving technologies, sustainable materials, and renewable energy sources, these office contribute to reducing carbon emissions, conserving natural resources, and protecting habitats.

The working area of the Kem Nghia Saigon Office project, designed and constructed by DBPlus

Enhanced Workplace Environment

LEED certification emphasizes creating a healthy and comfortable work environment. LEED-certified office prioritize features like abundant natural light, effective ventilation systems, low-emitting materials, and superior indoor air quality measures. These factors contribute to improved employee health, happiness, and productivity.

The lobby area of the Kem Nghia Saigon Office project, designed and constructed by DBPlus

Increased Market Appeal and Reputation

LEED certification serves as a recognized symbol of sustainability and responsible construction practices. It enhances the marketability and value of the property, attracting environmentally conscious investors who prioritize sustainable structures. This certification demonstrates a commitment to social and environmental responsibility, boosting the reputation of the office and its stakeholders.

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The pantry area of the Kem Nghia Saigon Office project, designed and constructed by DBPlus


Kem Nghĩa SaiGon Office project marks the collaborative journey with clients towards DBPlus’s trend of sustainable green office spaces. It has been awarded the Best Office Design Award and achieved LEED Platinum certification – the highest level, recognized for comprehensive sustainability standards. 

Kem Nghĩa SaiGon Office is not just an office building but also a testament to DBPlus’s commitment to enhancing customer value through sustainable, creative, and efficient design solutions.

Kem Nghia Saigon Office, designed and constructed by DBPlus, achieved the LEED Platinum certification

The first milestone: Apache – The Place Where Legend Reborn

Apache Footwear Vietnam is one of the flagship projects that DBPlus implemented in 2023. The project brings forth an inspirational workspace, fostering creativity and boosting the team’s morale.

DBPlus utilized modern and environmentally friendly materials according to LEED standards to promote sustainable development. Thanks to these efforts, the project has had the honor of achieving LEED Gold certification, evidence of DBPlus’ commitment to delivering green, eco-friendly structures.

Apache Footwear Vietnam, also designed and constructed by DBPlus, attained the LEED Gold certification

The second journey: KBTG – Igniting Inspiration from the Workspace

KBTG – A pioneering technology organization with an unwavering spirit of innovation, has collaborated with DBPlus to create a modern workspace inspired by the breakthrough thinking of the younger generation. DBPlus has optimized space utilization, resulting in a youthful, dynamic working environment enveloped by refreshing greenery.

Notably, the DBPlus project has been recognized for its application of sustainable design principles, aiming to maximize energy and resource efficiency, thus contributing to environmental conservation. Thanks to these efforts, DBPlus has had the honor of achieving LEED Gold certification, a testament to KBTG’s commitment to sustainable development.

KBTG project, again designed and constructed by DBPlus, received the LEED Gold certification

At DBPlus, we are always committed to designing and constructing LEED-standard offices and are dedicated to delivering sustainable, efficient, and environmentally friendly projects for future generations.