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We are thrilled to announce that DBPLUS has been recognized with the prestigious Asia Architect Design Award 2024 for Asia’s Best Workplace Interior Design. This honor is for our work on Apache’s Research and Development Center in Vietnam. It marks a significant milestone in our journey and highlights our commitment to creating innovative and sustainable workspaces.

Apache Project – A Statement of Innovation

DBPlus proudly announces that our Apache’s Research and Development Center  project, located in Long Giang Industrial Park, Tien Giang Province, is the winner of the AADA 2024 – Best Workplace Interior Design. This project redefines traditional office spaces by combining modern design with cultural symbolism and sustainability. We are inspired by the Apache warrior, symbolizing heroism, victory, and hope. This is reflected in every aspect of the office space.

The project covers 12,600m² and includes areas for product research, customer reception, product promotion, and sports competition. Our design emphasizes raw beauty, respect for nature, and the enduring warrior spirit. Additionally, motifs and patterns reflecting the natural world create an environment that boosts productivity and inspires creativity.

“Apache’s massive conference hall with a seating capacity of up to 500.”

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Mr. Trịnh Minh Nhật, the director of DBPlus, shared, “One of DBPlus’s core achievements is to enhance customer experiences and satisfy all of their expectations. We always strive to understand and exceed their wishes.” 

He further stated, “Apache is a significant milestone in DBPlus’s development journey, but it is not the end point. DBPlus has its own philosophy and long-term roadmap. We will integrate and leverage numerous latest technological solutions as a pioneer to meet customer needs, bring customers closer to DBPlus, and together build a better work environment, better life quality, and a more sustainable future.”

“Mr Trịnh Minh Nhật share his thoughts about Apache project and DBPlus’ ambition”

Sustainable Materials and Environmental Responsibility

Sustainability is central to the Apache Footwear Vietnam project. We used 80% recycled materials, thus promoting energy efficiency and environmental conservation. The project follow strictly to LEED Gold standards as ensuring a green, clean, and safe work environment. This includes excellent sound absorption, less water consumption and environmentally friendly materials with low carbon footprints. Consequently, our eco-friendly approach shows our commitment to reducing environmental impact and embracing responsible construction practices.

Creating a Dynamic and Adaptive Workspace

The office layout is designed to be flexible and adaptive, catering to the evolving needs of the workforce and it is divided into three key areas: Office Agility, Multi-Purpose Office, and Office Flexibility.

Office Agility

The reception area, part of Office Agility, uses transparent materials and open floor plans to create a sense of lightness and fluidity. Furthermore, this modern design integrates seamlessly with historic architecture, creating a harmonious blend of old and new. Additionally, natural light floods the workspace, enhancing the bright atmosphere. Ergonomic furniture and designated breakout areas also promote comfort and well-being.

“Apache’s office – A space designed for productivity and collaboration”

Multi-Purpose Office

The multi-purpose office layout meets functional and size needs while sparking imagination for future office spaces. It includes sports rooms, gyms, exhibition areas, pantries, and conference rooms. This versatile layout blends work and leisure seamlessly, encouraging productivity and creativity.

“Apache’s cafeteria – inspired by the company’s athletic energy”

Office Flexibility

The Office Flexibility area includes relaxation zones and open spaces designed to foster interaction and creativity among employees. Each space is thoughtfully planned to serve different working styles, promoting a dynamic environment. This ensures that the office is not just a place to work but a community where employees can thrive both professionally and personally.


“Apache’s hallway – Where modern design meets cultural heritage”

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A Glance Through AADA 2024

The Asia Architecture Design Awards (AADA) celebrate excellence  in architecture and design. The award honors the best in the industry, recognizing creativity, inspiration, and innovation in different aspects. Moreover, this platform showcases exceptional work on an international stage, providing a great opportunity for DBPlus with our core project in 2023 – Apache’s Research and Development Center in Vietnam.

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DBPlus’ Coronation Night at Asian Architect Design Award’s Gala night

” AADA 2024 Winner badge – Best workplace interior design “

As we count down to the Winners’ Night of the 2024 Asia Architecture Design Awards in Bangkok on July 25th, 2024, we look forward to this incredible opportunity to connect with our friends, colleagues, and experts in the architectural industry across Asia. This event is not just an award ceremony but also a celebration of innovation, creativity, and collaboration in architecture and design. Therefore, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our clients for their unwavering trust and to our dedicated team for their relentless efforts. Moreover, stay tuned for more updates about the Gala night on our website and social media, as we prepare for a night to remember.