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Building on the success of 2023, where the Winner’s Night was held in August at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, the Asia Architecture Design Awards (AADA) is poised for an even more impactful 2024.

This year, AADA focuses on “Emerging Asia,” celebrating the fusion of tradition and innovation across the continent. This theme symbolizes Asia’s growing influence in shaping the world’s built environment and honors the artistry of architecture.

The 2024 awards span six disciplines and 30 award categories, each representing a unique facet of creativity, innovation, and expertise in architecture and design. Categories include Asia’s Best Architecture Design, Best Interior Design, Best Furniture Design, Best Hospitality Design, and Best Firms in Architecture Design, among others. These accolades are highly coveted by industry professionals and organizations who demonstrate exceptional excellence.

Starting in August 2023, submissions were accepted and underwent a rigorous preliminary selection process, culminating in the announcement of the shortlist. The judging panel, consisting of 20 distinguished judges from diverse backgrounds – including design professionals, esteemed academics, and influential social advocates from countries such as Singapore, Thailand, Italy, and the UAE—ensured a transparent and thorough evaluation process.

This year saw an increased number of entries compared to 2023, with over 1,500 registered accounts on the official website and more than 606 submitted projects, reflecting heightened competition and growing interest in the awards. The increase in entries also marked an improvement in quality, with new countries and regions, including Japan and China, joining the awards.


In addition to the highly competitive categories like Commercial Building Architecture Design, Best Residential Architecture Design, and Best F&B Interior Design, this year introduces a new category: 2024 Asia’s Best Conceptual Architecture/Interior Design (concept and in-progress projects). This new category has witnessed a surge in entries, highlighting the significant demand for innovative ideas and the importance of recognizing these concepts as foundational steps towards realizing future projects. The increased participation underscores the necessity of acknowledging and supporting visionary designs that pave the way for architectural advancements.

Beyond recognizing individual achievements, AADA honors masterpieces crafted by full-service firms that have significantly contributed to society. The awards aim to create an environment where businesses can forge connections, foster collaborations, and establish synergies that drive further expansion and success. By uniting strengths, the event fortifies the collective impact and amplifies voices on the global stage, leaving an indelible mark on the architectural landscape.

The Winners’ Night for the 2024 Asia Architecture Design Awards will be hosted in Bangkok, Thailand, in July. This prestigious event will celebrate and honor the outstanding achievements of the winners, attracting attendees including architects, designers, industry leaders, and media representatives. The ceremony will offer unparalleled networking opportunities and open new horizons for marketing prospects.

Discover the full list of AADA 2024 winners below:

Source: AADA