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➖ Project Name: APH2 Operations Center

➖ Investor: Apache Footwear Vietnam

➖ Area: 13.000m2

➖ General contractor: UNICONS

➖ General Contractor for Design and Interior Construction: DBPLUS

On April 2nd, 2024, Apache Footwear Vietnam officially inaugurated and commenced operation of the largest Research and Development (R&D) center in Asia-Pacific located in Tien Giang province, Vietnam.

The DBPlus team extends congratulations on Apache’s opening day.

The event was attended by representatives from Adidas, Apache’s leadership team, partners, and invited guests. DBPlus had the honor of being the design and construction partner for Apache’s office building interior, collaborating in crafting an inspirational workspace centered around the ethos of “putting people first” for Apache’s sustainable development.

Mr. Tu Quang Duy – Deputy General Director of DBPlus, together with Mr. Ivan Lee – CEO of Apache Vietnam, and Ms. Deborah Chen – representing Apache.

Continuing the Legendary Journey: Apache’s Phase 2 Transformation

The inauguration ceremony also marked the completion of Phase 2 in the journey of creating “The Place Where Legend Reborn” – an impressive revival of legendary tales, celebrating the spirit of unity and triumph of Apache heroes.

Experience an inspiring workspace environment

The narrative begins with a space on the second floor brimming with inspiration, where the Adidas brand presence is intricately woven into every design element at Apache’s flagship establishment.

It’s noteworthy that Adidas has handpicked Apache as its exclusive partner for shoe supply and production. Recognizing the significance of this partnership, DBPlus deftly harmonizes and arranges furniture layouts, color palettes, and lighting directions to amplify the brand’s prominence.

The second-floor reception area of Apache, featuring their partner – Adidas.

Understanding the importance of work-life balance, Apache always strives to create a comfortable working environment for its employees. To achieve this goal, DBPlus has designed a flexible workspace with modular furniture, allowing employees to easily adjust to their work needs.

The combined workspace and luxurious resting area of Apache.

Furthermore, the break area is inspired by the Apache “headquarters”. This area features giant “soft” chairs in vibrant colors and motivational quotes on the walls. This space will help employees recharge, boost their motivation, and foster a positive work spirit.

A conference center of magnitude

The grandeur of Apache is showcased through the conference center on the 4th floor, designed to host large company events for nearly 1000 employees, as well as serve as the venue for product launches and major Apache events. These spaces are meticulously crafted to exude awe and inspiration. An advanced, intelligent lighting system creates a majestic atmosphere, seamlessly complementing the oversized sound system. The stage layout is thoughtfully designed to ensure optimal visibility and sound, directing attention to the event.

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The conference center room area with a capacity of nearly 1000 attendees, serving as the venue for Apache’s large-scale events.

Seating arrangements in these event spaces are both visually appealing and carefully designed. Rows of chairs are arranged in graceful curves, with elegant colors adding a touch of sophistication. This tiered seating effect fosters a sense of connection and cohesion among the audience, nurturing a collaborative spirit and shared experience.

A Haven for Relaxation, Restoration, and Connection

At Apache, employees are not merely value creators, but the driving force behind the company’s success. Therefore, Apache is committed to fostering a workplace that provides its employees with vitality, health, and energy every day.

Understanding this deeply, also on the 4th floor, DBPlus has transformed it into a haven of relaxation for employees. This space stands out with meticulously designed ping pong tables, modern tennis courts, and a unique “artificial mountain” – new challenge for employees to conquer. It also serves as a space for employees to connect with each other, share experiences, and draw inspiration from motivational quotes displayed thoughtfully throughout the area.

DBPlus believes that Apache’s flagship establishment will be a significant milestone in the company’s development, contributing to positioning Apache as a reliable partner and exclusive supplier for Adidas over the past three decades. At the same time. DBPlus aims to showcase its innovative capabilities and pioneering vision, continuously optimizing customer experiences, constructing sustainable buildings, and improving quality of life.