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DBPLUS, with nearly 15 years of experience, stands as a pioneer in the field of interior design and construction. The company has consistently offered innovative solutions to meet the evolving demands of businesses in this new era. As part of its commitment to continuous innovation and delivering exceptional experiences to clients, DBPLUS has embarked on an exciting journey of office transformation.

Office Transformation

On June 1, 2024, DBPLUS proudly unveiled its newly repositioned office, marking a significant milestone in the company’s development journey. The relocation to 40 Street 62, Ward 1, Thanh My Loi Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City, signals DBPLUS’s strong commitment to not only innovate but also enhance its position in the market. This move represents a dedication to bringing the most optimal experiences to customers, reaffirming the company’s foothold as a leader in the industry.

Embodying the company’s orientation of ‘BEYOND THE OFFICE – WE BUILD A BETTER LIFE,’ the new DBPLUS office transcends the traditional workspace concept. It reflects a modern, youthful, and dynamic style that is meticulously designed to inspire creativity and enhance employee work performance. The space is optimized to foster collaboration and productivity, utilizing high-quality materials and incorporating full amenities to cater to every business need. The design ethos embodies DBPLUS’s vision of creating a workspace that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of its clients, but also goes further to contribute to a better quality of life for employees.

This newly established site additionally acts as the main office for DBHOMES, a member company of DBPLUS. DBHOMES concentrates on the housing industry, with a specific emphasis on villas, townhouses, and apartments. By sharing a physical location, it enhances the opportunity for collaboration and the exchange between the two organizations. This, in turn, enables them to offer more comprehensive resolutions to their individual clienteles. DBHOMES shares DBPLUS’s dedication to delivering outstanding customer service and inventive design approaches, guaranteeing ideal living environments for residents.

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Leadership Vision

Mr. Trinh Minh Nhat, General Director of DBPLUS, shared: “DBPlus always strives to enhance the customer experience, always striving to understand and exceed customer expectations in the new era. This is also a testament to DBPLUS’s ability to build customer trust and firmly establish itself as a sustainable business, creating a better life.”

Building on this foundation, our new office reflects our commitment to these values. It’s a space that embodies innovation, collaboration, and a focus on employee well-being. This translates directly into the design solutions we offer our clients, ensuring their workplaces not only look stunning but also foster productivity and a positive work environment.

We believe that a well-designed office can be a powerful tool for businesses to thrive. By understanding the unique needs of each client, we create spaces that inspire, motivate, and empower employees. Ultimately, our goal is to be a trusted partner in helping customer achieve their goals through the power of exceptional office design.