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Vietnam has seen a rise in cultural and art spaces, captivating the younger generation. These spaces are more than just exploration spots; they serve as entertainment hubs that inspire creativity and ambition. De La Sol, a DBPlus project, has emerged as a prominent and beloved space for the art-loving community.

Experience the Enchantment of De La Sol – Sunlife Flagship

De La Sol is a captivating mixed concept space in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam which was constructed and completed by DBPlus. This venue beautifully combines exhibition halls, a cozy cafe lounge, retail displays, and serves as the client experience center for Sun Life Insurance. The design seamlessly blends old and new elements, with a preserved historical villa facade and a modern steel and glass structure connected by a striking loop staircase.

De La Sol offering a multi-use lobby and a viewing deck for activities below

Unraveling the Allure of De La Sol: From Its Enchanting Name to the Intricate Spiral Staircase

Drawing Inspiration from Montreal, Canada – the birthplace of Sun Life, it evokes the imagery of a musical note, representing the spectrum of life with its diverse melodies and emotions. The standout feature of De La Sól is the accent mark, a symbol of growth, development, and radiance.

De La Sol (Of The Sun) radiates with creative energy. “Sol” (sun) in French, also meaning “ground,” symbolizes the foundation that supports everything

The exhibition space features a captivating centerpiece: a spiral staircase. This project is a collaborative effort by Sun Life Vietnam, The Lab Saigon, and artist Zac Buehner. Zac skillfully combines temperature, metal, and artistic interpretation to createthe idea of unique outdoor staircase, and DBPlus has transformed those ideas into reality, which showcases a modern style and a whimsical, colorful reflection in the sunlight.

Interior construction and completion by DBPlus

DBPlus constructed the view that embodies the essence of innovation and artistic expression. It brings together the expertise of Sun Life, the creative prowess of The Lab Saigon, and the artistic vision of Zac Buehner. This collaboration results in a space that captivates the senses, sparks inspiration, and elevates the overall experience for visitors.

De La sol: Sophisticated entertainment space that holds countless creative inspirations

Discover the unique, exquisite, and deeply inspiring world of exhibition. This vibrant playground in Ho Chi Minh City combines exhibition spaces, a beloved café, and trendy product displays, captivating the hearts of the young creative community. Step inside and feel the difference as this place where DBPlus has confidently ignites inspiration among its visitors.

The “ĐỦ – FULFILLMENT” exhibition

The space is hosted impactful events, connecting with the art-loving community, especially Gen-Z. The debut exhibition “ĐỦ – FULFILLMENT” gained 1 million social media interactions and 11,000 attendees in 5 days. Exhibitions like “Under The Sun,” “FLORA,” “FantaSee,” “Into The Mirror,” and “Mid-Life Crisis” attracted numerous art enthusiasts.

Here are some of famous exhibition has been organized in DelaSol:

“Into The Mirror by Italian Atelier” Exhibition


“Under The Sun” Exhibition

The aspiration to spread the values of humanistic art to the community

De La Sol offers a platform for young artists to create aesthetical projects with a humanistic touch for the community. With monthly professionally organized exhibitions, it promotes artistic values and enriches the community.

De La Sol Work and Exhibition Space – Constructed by DBPlus

This exhibition space supports art with boundless enthusiasm, offering immersive exhibitions that explore artistic culture and promote humanistic values.

De La Sol coffee Space

In 2024, member of the exhibition space would exhibit unique Vietnamese art forms, reflecting creativity, diverse cultures, and individual techniques. Artists can share their stories through new artworks. We aim to support and promote artists, serving as a platform to spread their remarkable creations worldwide.

All continuous efforts and transformations of DBPlus always aim to create quality works with solid reputation and expertise

Congratulations to the project and let’s look forward to new transformations in 2024 with the journey of building legends with DBPlus.

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